Faculty Development

Defining Faculty Development

Definitions of faculty development reflect the nature of the definition of development itself – changes in individuals over time (Feldman, 1997). With the purpose of initiatives that are “designed to improve faculty performance in all aspects of their professional lives – as scholars, advisers, academic leaders, and contributors to institutional decisions.” (Nelson, 1983, p.20), the recognition of the diverse facets of faculty life is acknowledged, opposed to earlier definitions focusing solely on the individual’s competencies, interests, and successful teaching (Francis, 1975; Gaff, 1975; Sikes & Barrett, 1976).

Bridging Theory and Practice

In teaching and learning, there are emergent themes that drive our work from a practical perspective.  Click on the links below to learn more about these areas and to see some examples from practice.

Design and Planning

Teaching Methods

Assessment and Evaluation

Technology-Enhanced Learning

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