Welcome Message

Why a website and why now?  These are the questions that led me to set up this site.  In my work, I create a lot of resources and as a firm believer in open access for educational resources, the development of a website is a project where I can share these resources beyond the walls of the institution where I am working.

The purpose of this site:

  1. Share resources related to workshops I facilitate in the field of faculty development.  If you find my materials helpful, I’d love to hear how you use them in your context (and how you might have adapted them).
  2. Highlight current research projects and recent publications.  It’s all about building a knowledge community.  Interested in my work?  Maybe we can collaborate on a project!
  3. Share my perspectives on significant topics in higher education, faculty development, and adult learning.

Why now?  Why not!  After working in faculty development for over 2 years in an international context, it’s time to increase my visibility, broaden my involvement in the adult learning community, and have a platform to share knowledge and ideas.


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